Our Made By Pets products can be fully customised and we can help you with designing a unique one especially for your pet.

You can choose among glossy or matte paints, various fabrics and wood species.

It is also possible to order custom engraving of your pets name!



1. Choose a model and size from our collection.

2. Pick up the color you`d like to have.

You can pick any color from the RAL palette ( international standard) or simply send us

a picture or inspiration of the one you like the most and we will select the most suitable one.


3. Decide if you prefer glossy or matte paint?

4. Think about upholstery type and colour.

We use high-quality, water proof fabrics. Our beddings are easy to clean and the pouch can be easily replaced.

You can choose between 2 types of materials: fabric or eco-leather.